Wearing a vase








The relationship between flower vases and flowers is interesting.

Water is necessary to prolong the cut flowers, and for that purpose flowers vase are made, but there are “flower vases to be decorated” to enjoy by looking at shapes and patterns separately. The decorated floral ornaments are placed in the Tokonoma(Alcove) or the like and become the decoration of the house, and they decorate the house rather than decorate the flowers.

I thought to make a thing with a different relationship than before by returning the elements of the vase that decorate this house to a flower decorating flowers.

In replacing floral organs with flowers and making a house (environment) a flower vase, flowers should be dry flowers to make them decorate from decorative objects, flower vases decorated simplify the shape and take decorations and use brass for strength Make an environment around the flowers. It expresses the flower arrangement to be decorated and the environment put in it.

Flowers wearing floral ornaments became flower vases to be decorated and vases were decorated with flowers.

The latest work can be seen on Instagram. Artificial and dried flowers that were arranged Bulge lines D_MALL東京 samawomatou / Lacquer kimono case structure of sessile / Table lamp paper stracture that were arranged Red paper stracture that were arranged White Ephemeral structures(儚い構造体)| Elements that were arranged (整えられた要素) Line shinkai flagship shop KURAMAE Line ARTIFICIAL NATURE-人工的な自然- Trimmed Nature Standing nature 規則性のある不整の存在 : Existence of the irregularity with the regularity plastic flower that were arranged : Installation paper structure that were arranged plastic flower that were arranged flowers that were arranged structure of sessile flowers that were arranged Fragile Structure The growing bubble Plastic garden Crust of the polygon : Artifact Lighting of process さまをまとう / samawomatou Decorated shelf pyrite stool / bended a moon Wearing a vase Mirror as an architecture pyrite stool / Collapsed month π stool cut of color a vase under ground ten-sen-men Crust of the polygon Crust of the polygon 松野屋行商 polygon of tree branch SleafN デザインあ floating flower twotoo g,a,r,d,e,n awaglass tile cowpet dots maker glass mirror sonoiro au glassmic vase CLASKA 701 someone’s atelier metro map r,o,o,t f,l,o,w,e,r,s pick your light