Decorated shelf









This book shelf has been inspired by Kimono.

Kimono, which is made by exhaustively utilizing a sheet of cloth, is an ultimately sophisticated craft, not only beautiful but also practical, which I would say, very ”Japanese”. Kimono has been developed from time to time. Jyunihitoe, an extremely elegant and highly complex kimono that was only worn by court-ladies in Japan mostly during Heian Era might be a good example of drastic development in kimono history. It weighed over 20kg and even restricted a person wearing from moving. Kimono became nothing practical but a tool to compete for gorgeousness created by layers.

So what’s the connection with a book shelf?

I would say that book shelf has developed from an equipment merely restoring books to a furniture visualizing and displaying the intelligence of the owner, just like Kimono has developed from just a practical wear to a decoration to attract others.

Book shelves made in Japan are often influenced by western countries. Why don’t I make a book shelf originally developed in Japan from my point of view? That was the idea.

To express the beauty of “layer”, I made shelf boards with three thin Japanese style latticework.

As for colors and patterns, which are major features of kimono, the covers of the books will replace for them. I decorated the exterior by golden brass and hard shell to express Karagoromo (short coat worn by ancient noble women).

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