さまをまとう / samawomatou





It is temporary translation for google.

I think I have seen pottery flower vases that are decorated without being used in ryokan and other places.

I thought that this flower arrangement that is sitting in front of a hanging scroll, such as between the floor, is not a function for living flowers but rather there. That is, importance is attached to the pattern and shape of the appearance rather than the function “there is something there.”

I thought what happens to the thing when it is “wrapped up” that outperformed the functions and roles that they have, by letting “patterns” and “shapes” that are accessories for things, that is “masu”, be played.


Expansion and surpassing : 膨張と凌駕

Polymorphism and casualness : 多形性と気軽さ

Brittleness and strength : もろさと強さ

Range and angle : 範囲と角度

Restoration and transiency : 修復と儚さ

Destruction and coexistence : 破壊と共存


flowers that were arranged structure of sessile flowers that were arranged Fragile Structure Plastic cloud The growing bubble Plastic garden Crust of the polygon : Artifact Lighting of process さまをまとう / samawomatou Decorated shelf pyrite stool / bended a moon Wearing a vase Mirror as an architecture pyrite stool / Collapsed month π stool cut of color a vase under ground ten-sen-men Crust of the polygon Crust of the polygon 松野屋行商 polygon of tree branch SleafN floating flower twotoo g,a,r,d,e,n awaglass tile cowpet dots maker glass mirror sonoiro au glassmic vase CLASKA 701 someone’s atelier metro map r,o,o,t f,l,o,w,e,r,s pick your light