Plastic cloud






It rains, falls to the ground, evaporates in the sun, it turns into clouds and it rains. It’s circulation.

It is also in mass products. Lots of products are produced like rain, and the edges that come out when producing the product fall to the ground without being used.

By adhering two parts of the end material, it evaporates as “fabricated things”, and it gathers together and becomes a cloud that creates something new.

What kind of products will fall from this cloud.

flowers that were arranged Fragile Structure Plastic cloud The growing bubble Plastic garden Crust of the polygon : Artifact Lighting of process さまをまとう / samawomatou Decorated shelf pyrite stool / bended a moon Wearing a vase Mirror as an architecture pyrite stool / Collapsed month π stool cut of color a vase under ground ten-sen-men Crust of the polygon Crust of the polygon 松野屋行商 polygon of tree branch SleafN floating flower twotoo g,a,r,d,e,n awaglass tile cowpet dots maker glass mirror sonoiro au glassmic vase CLASKA 701 someone’s atelier metro map r,o,o,t f,l,o,w,e,r,s pick your light